Give leaders the means for their commitment to diversity.

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Commitment of the leaders

Commitment of the leaders

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ICF offers leaders a space to express and build their commitment to and within diversity, meeting people they would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. What ICF makes better than anyone, is provoke these meetings, and engage people together.

Leaders are the ones that can change things in matters of gender and diversity.

Solutions against the isolationism and to promote diversity and gender equality cannot be local. Inclusion models that work can only emerge through exchanges between people of various horizon and culture. Nothing better than diversity to build… diversity.

ICF provides leaders with a frame for actions that fits their company and gives life and consistency to their CSR policy. They find a space of expression, as for example women leaders on their vision of power, in the documentary series Femme et Pouvoir (Women and power).

Leaders can contribute to the emergence of international ambassadors of diversity, by participating in the international student exchange program.

They can support and benefit from the Diversity Lab, which offers sharing best practices for inclusion without borders.

Commitment of the leaders

The vocation of ICF is to give a framework to the commitment of leaders, so that they and they can express themselves on parity, diversity, equality of opportunity.

ICF intends to develop a wide range of actions, spreading from France to the United States and Africa.

Three programs are already at work :

"Women & Power"

The documentary series Femme & Pouvoir (Women & Power), of which 40 interviews are already made giving the opportunity for women leaders to speak for the first time on their concept of power, how they use it and how they commit themselves to social and societal causes.

Diversity Lab

The creation of a laboratory of ideas – the Diversity Lab. It is the first collaborative platform in the world dedicated to the expression of the commitment of the leaders for equity, diversity, equality of opportunity.

Its mission is to promote dialogue, exchanges and the co-construction of innovative practices in public and private enterprises,
regardless of geographical or cultural borders.

International Internship Program

The exchange of students between France and the United States – International Internship Program. It gives the opportunity to students from diversity and/or disadvantaged districts to have an unique and founding experience, in partnership with HEC and ESSEC business school in France, Northwestern University in Chicago and NYU in New York. It is sponsored by companies such as Sodexo, L’Oréal, BNP Paribas, etc…

femme et pouvoirThe women & power show was born of an encounter between the U.S. Department of State in charge of African Affairs in Paris and the American Cultural Center in Benin.

Women & Power is an educational and entertaining program on empowerment and gender equality. It is an opportunity for women leaders to speak, for the first time, on their conception of power, the way they use it, and how they commit themselves to societal and social causes.

CEO, chairwomen for major institutions, members of Parliament, senators, actresses, Ambassador, etc., they represent for the younger generations a model of success and for society in general, a way to contribute to the changing of mindset.

In the form of a somewhat intimate exchange, each week one of our guest will give us his personal definition of the word power, its strategy for access and for using it. We talk about feminine leadership, the place of women in the arcana of power and their responsibility for future generations. Women & Power whose 40 chapters are already being performed, is visible on YouTube :

It is the first collaborative laboratory in the world dedicated to the expression of the commitment of leaders for equity, diversity, equality of opportunity, and inclusion.

  • Benchmark of effective actions implemented within private and public organizations and in France and the United States from a questionnaire (see attachment).
  • Gathered in a common information platform enriched and tested for their adaptability according to the different cultural contexts.
  • Shared among companies in the form of a practical guide.

10 American students of Bachelor’s degree / active hyphenation would do their internship in a French company and conversely, 10 French students would complete their internship in an American company.

Eligibility criterias :

  • Students with a convention of course
  • Correct level of understanding of the language of the host country (French for Americans / English for the French)
  • Coming from diversity or a disadvantaged area
  • Duration: 3 to 6 months from December 2016
  • Travel: air tickets sponsored by the cultural services of each Embassy
  • Accommodation: Campus University

compensation : Yes, amount to negotiate with the company

(Visa and insurance are the responsibility of the student)


carole-da-silvaI strongly believe that the commitment of leaders of the civil society and private companies, is necessary for the promoting of parity, equal opportunities, diversity and living well together in our societies.

They have the power to act. Their lives are models that can inspire young people.

I also believe that solutions on these topics require new models of inclusion and collaboration, which cannot be local. Knowing what is done with success, sharing and co-building together across borders and cultures is essential.

That is why, after 15 years of action within the AFIP and in institutions such as the High Council Integration (HCI) or the HALDE (current rights defender), I decided to create in France and the USA the International Collaborative Foundation – ICF.


Chaiman & Founder


The companies that supported the gala launch of the foundation :

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