Carole Da Silva

carole-da-silva2002, Carole founded the AFIP (Association to promote the Vocational Integration) to specifically help young graduates of diverse origins to find a job.

2005, AFIP benefits from the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) created by the United States in 1942 to promote exchanges with the U.S. leaders.

2006, Carole was appointed to the High Council for Integration and the National Council of the Associative life.

2007, she has been Ambassador for the European year for equal opportunities and has served on the Advisory Board of the high authority for combating discrimination and for equality (HALDE) until the creation of the defender of rights (DDD).

2010, she was winner of the IMPACT of the ASHOKA Foundation.

2011, she was winner of the program Ariane de Rothschild that rewards the best social entrepreneurs worldwide.

2015, it creates in the United States the International Collaborative Foundation – Empowering diversity for success.